His work emerges from mathematical and artistic essential elements. The canvas is covered by a uniform matrix of square fields. Always continuing edge to edge. The Elements are arranged on strict schemata, in contrasting black and/or white, which follow an encoded order in symbols, either mathematically or intuitively.

The wheel in the roulette game, which produces seemingly random rows of numbers, served him as a source of inspiration. By using vectorial methods, Marc Thalberg tries to find logic and a connection within these concatenations.

At the artist talk on 2 May in the ART SIGNÉ gallery, Marc Thalberg will explain his work and motif in detail. His works are more than an aesthetic surface, it is the meta-level - a matrix into which he seeks to invite the viewer.


Address & Time

Art Signé
Morassistraße 26
80469 München

Thursday, Mai 2, 2019: 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM