Marc Thalberg's work transforms the coincident into a tool of art. A dice becomes the decision-maker and the artist the executing medium. The dice decides at what time, which color and which form are constituting the artwork in an autonomous way. Thalberg’s work mirroring the automated processes and structures of our environment on which we (seemingly) have no cognisant influence. And yet everything is inextricably linked by the law of causality.

Thalberg leads the beholder into his world fulfilled by clear structures, complex systems and clean aesthetics. His new exhibition "21 AUGEN" opening on 29th of March, 7 pm, at gallery ART SIGNÉ, shows a whole series of newly created works that define painting, sculpture, installation and graffiti in a special way. According to Thalberg, art does not emerge from skill but from knowledge and is a medium for communication, education and renaissance of a new consciousness.


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