We invite you to participate the exclusive artist talk about the life and work of Alem Korkut.
In the course of the exhibition "Alem Korkut: PHENOMENA" we present an exclusive artist talk with the remarkable sculptor Alem Korkut about his premiere in Germany at gallery ART SIGNÉ on Friday, February 22 at 7 pm.

Heraclitus' philosophy can be captured in just two words: "Panta rhei", everything is in flux and nothing abides, everything flows, and nothing stays fixed, everything is constantly changing, and nothing remains the same. Alem Korkut’s works deal with processes that are changing the matter, he is recreating and/or documenting those changes, and as a result, one can see a variety of media.

"All the media I use: sculpture, video, photography, drawing or interactive installation are the means to deautomatize observation, discredit, slow down, accelerate, listen, observe and invite observers to join and marvel together with me." - Alem Korkut

Thus it is not a single event, emotion, or experience that is in the focus of Korkut’s artistic intent, nor is it to discover a new device, by means of which it would be possible to see various motifs; his intent is to use various forms of production of the basic visual element in order to represent metaphorically the elementary dimensions of the individual and the society. An essential role in that intent is certainly played by the exploration of the possibilities of expression which, regardless of the medium they use, still remain within the framework of the basic sculptural language.

This Exhibition is supported by Republic of Croatia Ministry of culture.


Address & Time

Art Signé
Morassistraße 26
80469 München

Friday, February 22, 2019: 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM