Casha Kellermann's artworks operate with meditative power. The Reiki Master charges her artworks with the power of the Japanese healing method by letting them act as energy intensifier. Materials such as concrete, sterling silver, and 24-carat gold create unique and vibrant works that noticeably stimulate us and our habitat.

The art gallery Art Signé will be opened for the first time on 15 September 2018 with an exclusive solo exhibition of new works by artist Casha Kellermann.

Art Signé creates a space of perception and interaction. In addition to the exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations, Art Signé provides different forms of cultural offerings. Live music, creative dance, artistic film screenings, meditative yoga and lectures of all kinds, as well as discussion rounds establish a variety of possibilities for the visitor to experience Art Signé. Seminars, readings, and lectures open up the opportunity for the visitors to be introduced to the art world. Fundamental movements and elements of the art world can be discussed, experienced and understood. Art Signé allows every visitor, no matter what knowledge disposition, to access the art world, by making art the key medium that brings together people of all kinds.

We are looking forward to an extraordinary evening.


Address & Time

Art Signé
Morassistraße 26
80469 München

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM